Official List of Recyclables Published

The Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment in conjunction with the Irish Waste Mananagement Association have launched a video and published a definitive list of items which can be put in household recycling bins.


This will greatly help householders who can be confused in relation to what is allowed in the Green Bin. It will also alleviate any worries that householders may have about bin contamination, which may result in their bin being refused by the waste collector. Foremost the video informs householders that recyclables placed in the bin must be dry and clean, and any items not listed cannot be placed in the green bin. These include such items as plastic bags, coffee cups, non rigid plastic, plastic wrappers, aliminium foils/trays, dirty pizza boxes and glass. At last a standard across all waste collectors. Full details on

Recycling is not rocket science….and recycling correctly may well prevent the need for any rockets in the future!