A Recycling Thought for Christmas

It was that time after Christmas,when all through the house,

The waste was knee high, thanks to family and spouse

First came the packaging, ripped off with great flare

And we all hoped it’s recyclable, as we really do care

There was plastics and boxes and cardboard galore,

And now to get rid of them was going to be quite a chore,

So we washed and we squashed and squeezed real tight,

And stood in the green bin using all of our might.

Next came the food and left over bits,

And it was a shame to discard what had been, such tasty hits,

Having spent very wisely and not over bought,

Most food had been devoured quickly and we were not very fraught.

The bones and leftovers and their compostable kin,

Were put in green bags and placed in the brown bin.

We then looked around to see what was next,

Only to see that the black bin was going to look very bereft,

So cling film and ashes, foiled tops and soiled trappings,

Were put in the black bin with other non recyclable wrappings.

And now that we are back to reality again and can see all the time and money that was spent,

If only we had had a bin like Brusti back then and considered the different wastes as we went,

Then Christmas could have been nicer to our very own environment.