With Brustibin Everyone Wins

We are entering a month long exhibition of the “Beautiful Game” and will no doubt be working our schedules using Russia’s time zones to see what country will be victorious on July 17th. During this period of football mania perhaps we might consider another beautiful game where everyone is a winner, not just one participant. I am of course referring to that beautiful practice of waste segregation and recycling. It is simple to do, has no additional costs yet some householders are either reluctant to do it or are just plain lazy. Everyone wins when we segregate and recycle our waste. Housholders save on waste charges with lighter, drier and cleaner waste, and they feel better afterwards. Waste Service Providers save on costs, as there is less processing involved with segregated waste. Less waste goes to landfill and incineration, saving on valauble and diminishing resources. Wildlife wins with less microbeads in the sea, pollution in the air, and less hazardrous waste on the land. Farmers win with less water and land pollution. Manufacturers win with more recycled raw material available. And the ecconomy wins with less imports of raw materials, and the development of the Circular Ecconomy.

It seems that in this beautiful game, nobody loses!

So over the coming month when you hear football pundits wax lyrically about recycling the ball, perhaps…just perhaps.. a different type of recycling may come to mind. It is after all part and parcel of the Beautiful Game?