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Global Climate Strike..Today 20/09/2019

Today, September 20th , is Global Climate Strike Day with students, employees and other interested parties taking to the streets to highlight what we are are doing to our own planet. It is now universally accepted that it is us who are causing climate change via deforestation, excessive use of peticides, excessive use of natural […]

Brustibear..or is it Brustibunny is on the Hunt

Easter time is upon again and Brustibear has gotten into the spirit of things, donning his Easter outfit and getting ready for the Egg Hunt. As you will see his Eggs are “au naturale”, with minimal packaging and wrapping and anything that he does use to decorate his Eggs, he ensures it is recyclable. This […]

BrustiBear..your very own Waste Valentine

  Roses are red and violets are blue Let me introduce BrustiBear, he will be new to you He does enjoy red but keeps thinking green And likes to get everyone into the waste scene He is cuddly and shy, but still keeps an eye So don’t break his heart…recycle and smile And then he […]

With Brustibin Everyone Wins

We are entering a month long exhibition of the “Beautiful Game” and will no doubt be working our schedules using Russia’s time zones to see what country will be victorious on July 17th. During this period of football mania perhaps we might consider another beautiful game where everyone is a winner, not just one participant. […]

Brusti Bear’s Irish call for Segregated Waste

With St. Patrick’s weekend approaching and the Irish rugby team facing potential Triple Crown and Grand Slam victories, Brusti Bear is making an Irish call on Irish householders to think more about segregating their waste and recyclables at source , that is in the kitchen. Contaminated recyclabes have now become a “no no” world wide […]

Official List of Recyclables Published

The Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment in conjunction with the Irish Waste Mananagement Association have launched a video and published a definitive list of items which can be put in household recycling bins.   This will greatly help householders who can be confused in relation to what is allowed in the Green Bin. […]

Spare a Thought for Spud Murphy!

We Irish have a great afilliation and affection for the humble spud, yet  we do not give it any respect judging by the amount we throw away. Whether  it be scrapings from dinner plates, the discarding of incorrectly stored sprouting potatoes or the preperation of excessive quantities which are then dumped, our flexible friend does […]