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The Amount of Waste we Produce is Scary!

  It really is, and it really seems like the powers that be prefer words to action. This can be evidenced by the amount of households in Ireland that still do not have a Brown Bin, by the amount of waste service providers still offering fixed rate contracts (contrary to what the Minister claims), by […]

Brustibin’s Debut at the 2017 Ploughing Championships

Brustibin attended its first ever Ploughing Championships this year, and as can be seen was in serious training before the event! Organisers, exhibitors and attendees alike, agreed that while it was a wash out on Day 2, Days 1 & 3 were overwhelming successes. The Brustibin marquee was the focus of much attention with visitors […]

No New Flat Rate Waste Contracts from September 1st!

From September 1st Waste Service Providers will no longer be able to offer customers a Flat Rate Contract for the collection of their waste. They may instead offer the householder four different options. Option one will be based on a charge per kilo. Option two will be based on a charge per kilo plus a […]

“Back to Basics” Food Waste Prevention Campaign

Food waste is a serious issue here in Ireland, so much so that it is estimated that Irish households throw away one third of the food they purchase every week. This equates to the average Irish family wasting €50 per month on unused food. Minister Naughten recently estimated that globaly approximately $1 trillion of food […]

It’s a Small World….Contaminationally Speaking

China, the world’s largest importer of waste has initiated Operation Green Fence and the National Sword 2017 initiative in a bid to prevent contaminated waste from entering the country. China’s requirement for imported waste is reducing and they require that any waste they import will be of an acceptable standard and not contaminated. The National […]

Eyes in the Sky….Waste Monitoring and Enforcement

Mnister Naughten recently unveiled that Local Authorities and other State Agencies will be employing Drones to monitor waste disposal and bring enforcement proceedings against illegal dumpers. This is indeed welcome news, however a bit like any policing activity, feet on the ground are also required, and unfortunately the Minister has not addressed this issue.  Currently […]

It’s Not that Difficult…Really. Contaminated or Segregated??

Following on from last month’s post on contaminated waste, it is great to see Waste Service Providers upping the ante in realtion to the proper segregation of waste. Recent radio interviews with Des Crinion of Panda   and Cosmin Gliga of City Bin  informed  householders of the impact that non segreagted waste is having. Unsegregated waste […]

Waste Contamination……. Service Providers Lead the Way.

The proper segregation of domestic waste by householders has been a topical issue since the introduction of the Brown Bin under the Household Food Waste Regulations in 2013. Since then, there has been significant improvement in waste segregation at source. However some householders continue to mix residual/ black waste , food waste and recyclables, leading […]

Litter Litter Everywhere.. costing Dublin City Council €650,000 per annum

A recent survey of 40 Irish cities, towns and urban areas  found that 70{b050ebef00e2b6e935b95b021e9f55f4ab20ffeed47f29e2aa25a2081fec5bc8} of the  towns, cities and urban areas surveyed were found to be “clean to European norms” in 2016. The survey was conducted by An Taisce on behalf of the Irish Business Against Litter (IBAL)  This was an improvement on the results […]

What our UK Customers are Saying..

As we continue debating about how we should pay for our waste, here are some of the comments of our UK customers on Brustibin (the ultimate hassle free waste segregation solution) , who believe in waste segregation even though there is no direct financial gain for themselves .. It seems like they believe that it […]